My Projects

University Projects

  • MIPS Simulator - The semester project (written in C) for my UConn CSE4302 class. compiled to run in the browser!

Past Projects

These are things I either don’t actively maintain, but have worked on in the past.

  • Pebble Watchface - Dimension - A simple customizable watchface for pebble. Was featured on Pebble’s twitter
  • - A website to revolutionize the way people go to the beach
  • - A group chat for your entire college campus.
  • FlipHop - An iPhone app to help college students buy and sell items to each other.
  • richinfante/shbar - A macOS app that allows you to run scripts and customize the mac menu bar.
  • richinfante/iphonebackuptools - (old version) extracting data from iOS backups
  • HackUconn - HackUconn 2016-2018