3D Prints

These are some of the 3d printable things I’ve designed. They are all available under the following terms, formally, the CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.

A summary of the license terms:

You're free to - adapt, remix, customize the designs. Customizations and shares must contain proper attribution to me and this website. You can print them out and give them to your friends or for personal use, provided you're not selling them.

You may not - Use these for commercial purposes. If you wish to do so, please contact me to discuss licensing terms.

Some of these prints rely on the awesome threads.scad module, which you can download here.


  • Drawer Organizer

    A bathroom drawer organizer originally designed to hold glasses, dental floss, etc.

    Image .scad .stl
  • Keystone LED Plate

    A flat blanking plate with light diffusers and holes for 3mm leds. May require tweaks to the .scad for your printer, print the large part in the color of your choice, and two of the small insert in a translucent / white plastic.

    Image .scad .stl
  • Keystone Blanking Plate

    A flat blanking plate that fits over keystone slots. May require slight size tweaks for your printer.

    Image .scad .stl
  • Shelving Pin

    6mm pin for holding up shelves. Print horizontally for strength. Contains a triangular support to help prevent the pin from bending.

    Image .scad .stl
  • ON AIR Sign

    A sign designed to be illuminated internally with custom electronics & LEDs. This contains three pieces - the main box, the lettering, and a thin lens. The lens should be printed in a clear/translucent filament, and the rest in something opaque. Assemble using four M2.5x8mm screws.

    Image .scad .stl
  • Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder

    For narrow-mouth jars, this is a replacement for the lid which holds toothbrushes

    Image .scad .stl
  • Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

    A replacement lid for narrow mouth mason jars to allow attaching a Softsoap soap pump. The pump may need to have the tube trimmed to fit depending on the height of the jar.

    Image .scad .stl
  • Soap Platform

    A single-piece soap dish/platform with hexagon drain holes. It's printed upside down in a single piece. When used, the legs face downward.

    Image .stl
  • Webcam Pole Mount

    A webcam mount I designed for my monitor stand, which is 35.5mm in diameter. It has a hole for a bolt for attaching the webcam, and has holes for m2.5 screws to hold it together.

    Image .scad .stl
  • Pour Lid

    A mason jar lid designed to allow for easy pouring for watering of small plants.

    Image .scad .stl
  • Pour Lid (wide mouth)

    A mason jar lid designed to allow for easy pouring for watering of small plants. For wide-mouth jars.

    Image .scad .stl
  • Headphone Hook

    A hook designed for holding Bose QC35II headphones. Designed to be attached with the 'Headphone Bracket' using m2.5 screws to allow for mounting under an ASUS computer monitor. For successful printing (and strength), print this on it's side so that it forms an 'L' shape.

    Image .scad .stl
  • Headphone Bracket

    A mounting bracket for the above headphone hook. Designed to use the existing bracket for my ASUS monitors - do a test print to check for fit.

    Image .scad .stl
  • Typewriter Key

    A replacement typewriter key for my Remington Noiseless Typewriter. Customize the .scad file to change the letter.

    Image .scad .stl
  • Veritonic Logo

    A 3d-printable veritonic logo (my employer)

    Image .stl
  • Trash Can Wall Spacer

    A spacer to hold a foot-actuated garbage can away from the wall. This is designed for half-circle trashcans. The notch goes into the bottom edge of the can on the side towards the wall. Print in the vertical orientation for strength.

    Image .scad .stl
  • Settlers of Catan Card Holder

    Interlocking 3d printed catan card holders. The original cad file for these has been lost to time (I designed this back in 2014), and may need be printed with scaling factor from in -> mm.

    Image .stl
  • Telescope Part

    Repair part for a Tasco Telescope (although it may fit others). This is the part where the lenses/diagonals go on the end of the focus tube. Has a hole for a thumbscrew, and is threaded to attach to the sliding part of the telescope.

    Image .scad .stl
  • Handle

    A handle. No extra explanation needed. Needs to be printed with scaling factor from in -> mm.

    Image .stl

These images were rendered using openscad and the script render-prints.sh